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Joe Fusion

Pith and Zest

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Some of my favorite words and pictures can be found on my web site.
a confederacy of dunces, absurdity, adult swim, aimee mann, alan moore, ani difranco, animation, artificial intelligence, asymmetry, bis, bob odenkirk, bright eyes, buckaroo banzai, buffy, camping, cartoons, cheese, chris elliott, chris ware, church of the subgenius, cibo matto, cognitive liberty, cognitive science, collaborative art, comedy, comics, complex systems, conspiracy theories, cooking, cornelius, creativity, cuddling, dancing, daniel clowes, david cross, devo, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, drawing, dressy bessy, electronic music, emmylou harris, environmentalism, evan dorkin, fantasy, fiona apple, firefly, fixing things, flirting, francesca lia block, frank black, fucking, futurama, games, glenn miller, graphic novels, hallucinogens, hayao miyazaki, henry david thoreau, hiking, humor, humping, illustration, invader zim, isaac asimov, jerkcity, jhonen vasquez, jim henson, jim woodring, jokes, juvenile fiction, kids in the hall, kissing, komeda, kooks, kool keith, le tigre, lewis carroll, linguistics, mac os x, making out, man or astro-man?, massages, mates of state, mathematics, michael kupperman, monkeys, monty python, mr. show, mst3k, natalie merchant, nature, old school rap, oldies, passion, pete and pete, philosophy, physics, pizzicato five, pj harvey, poekoelan, pootie tang, portishead, pranks, programming, punk, puppets, reading, roald dahl, robots, rodney alan greenblat, romance, rosencrantz and guildenstern, science fiction, self-awareness, sex, shakes the clown, shigeru miyamoto, short interest lists, sleater-kinney, solex, space exploration, speculative fiction, spinning in circles, squee, stephen chow, sugarplastic, symmetry, systems science, tao, terry gilliam, the coen brothers, the daily show, the gargoyle, the phantom tollbooth, they might be giants, things and stuff, time cube, time travel, tipsy, tom tomorrow, tracy chapman, transmetropolitan, upright citizens brigade, ursula k. leguin, video games, wes anderson, wet hot american summer, whimsy, writing

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